IT DEV Austria LLC

What we do

We offer full-time remote Software Developers from Central Asia, fitting your needs on a long-term basis. Regardless if you are looking for a newcomer to grow with your company or someone with more experience – we have the perfect match for you. Together we will find a developer in no time following our recruiting process as you see down below.

The idea is to connect qualified Software Developers from Central Asia to the European market, because we know it is hard to find someone who is qualified and affordable too. Moreover, we want to enable companies to save money, expand their capabilities and get more competitive. 

How we do it

Requirement profile

You tell us who you are looking for.


We search for possible candidates and preselect them through our recruiting process.


We present the top 3 candidates to you.

Test task

With a test task the applicants will proof their capabilities.


You go through the CVs and the results of the tests and tell us, which candidate you want to work with.

All-inclusive offer

Our services are charged at a fixed rate including all necessities such as HR, salary, payroll taxes, office space, hardware and administration. Thus, avoiding unpleasant surprises at the end of the month. Contact us today for further information!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long until suitable candidates are found?

From experience, suitable candidates can be introduced within 2 weeks.

2. What services are included in the fixed rate?

The fixed rate includes all costs, that are necessary for the service performance of the developer. This includes: HR, salary, special payments, payroll taxes, administration and organization as well as the provision of office space and the involved utilities.

3. How is the difference in time zones dealt with?

The working hours are adjusted according to the individual requirements.

4. Is there a minimum contract period?

No. The first month counts as a trial period, during which the contract may be dissolved without stating reasons. Subsequently, the contract partners may properly terminate the contract after a cancellation period of 4 weeks.

5. How does the communication work?

Communication with the developers is done in English.

6. Is the recruitment process paid?

No, the recruitment process is free of charge. The monthly fixed rate is only charged after a successful recruitment.